Kathy is proud to have the support of neighbors throughout Ward 2 and the city. Here are some of the organizations and neighbors who have endorsed Kathy’s candidacy and urge you to elect Kathy to represent Ward 2.

To add your name to the list of Kathy’s endorsers, please use the contact form on the right hand side of this page or to send an email, click here.

The Michigan Sierra Club
The Huron Valley Chapter of the Michigan Sierra Club
Lisa Abrams
Nadine Alpern
Barbara Bach
Ward 1 Council member Anne Bannister
Alissa Beveridge
Sharon Burnham
Wendy Carman
Former Environmental Commission member Rita Caruso & Vincent Caruso
Jack Cederquist
S. S. Connellan
Anne & Howard Cooper
David & Barbara Copi
Robert Dascola
Ward 4 Council member Jack Eaton & Cecile Lamb
Dr. Peter Eckstein
Linda & Andrew Eggan
Linda Elenbogen
Florence & Marvin Gerber
Julie Geyer
Ronald & Catharine Gilgenbach
Judith Hanway
William Hathaway
Mary Hathaway
Peter Heydon
Judith Hoffman
Michael & Nina Homel
Odile Hugonot-Haber & Alan Haber
Elizabeth Hunter
Jerome & Pat Johnston
Sharon Jones
Ward 1 Council member Sumi Kailasapathy
Lola Killey
Robert Larson
Rowe Y Lee-Mills
Patricia & Marjorie Lesko
Bram Lesko
Charles Lewis
John Lumm & Ward 2 Council member Jane Lumm
Joe Machak
Eric Machak
Christina Machak
Bob & Donna Maxwell
Donald & Linda Meneghini
Michael Mixer & Kathryn Marunick
Susan Montgomery
Michael Morris & Former Ward 2 Council member Leslie Morris
Janet Neary
Dr. John & Gwen Nystuen
Linda Pedrick
Robert Potts & Former Ann Arbor Planning Commissioner Ethel Potts
S Suzanne Powell
Bradley & Susan Pritts
Ward 1 Democratic Party Precinct Delegate Peggy Rabhi & Lounes Rabhi
Lisa & Stephen Ranzini
Agnes & Stephen Reading
Scott & Cathy Reisfield
Tanya Ridella-Mehlos
Thomas & Ann Schreiber
Amy Seetoo
Dennis & Camille Severance
Jordan Siegal
David Silkworth
Edward Steinman & Rita Mitchell
Kathleen Fojtik Stroud
Cristine Trautwein & James Schweer
Paul Valacak
James & Janet Vincze
Maris & Mary Vinovskis
James Walker
Monique & Jon Wardner
Brian Williams & Jane Miller