Kathy Keeps Her Promises

MLive has criticized the City Council led by Mayor Taylor since 2014, and controlled by Taylor’s inexperienced political allies elected in 2020, as “a mess,” and a “train wreck.” Nonetheless, Kathy has used her years of experience as an elected official, and her seasoned leadership skills, to cut through the noise and to get the job done on Ann Arbor City Council. 

Despite what MLive reports is endless “bickering,” “ugliness” and “turmoil” on Council that has “only gotten worse,” Kathy has gotten results by working collegially and professionally on behalf of Ward 2 residents and the City of Ann Arbor. Council member Griswold has used her time in office to focus on the issues and priorities Ward 2 voters put her on City Council to address. She will continue to do so, if re-elected. 

Kathy’s Campaign Promise in 2018: Improve Safety for Pedestrians and Bicyclists

Among Kathy’s Legislative Results:

  1. Resolution to Improve Pedestrian Safety at Crosswalks with Reliable Illumination in the Short Term and Optimal LED Streetlights Within 5 Years
  2. Resolution to Improve the Safety and Accessibility of Sidewalks in the Winter
  3. Resolution Concerning the City’s Streetlight System, Prioritization of Equipment Upgrades, and Improvements to Outage Reporting and Minimizing Repair Times

Kathy’s Campaign Promise in 2018: Put People Before Politics

Among Kathy’s Legislative Results:

  1. Resolution for the City of Ann Arbor to Sponsor Information on the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA) Mortgages to City Employees and Residents

Kathy’s Campaign Promise in 2018: Improve Transparency in City Government

Among Kathy’s Legislative Results:

  1. Resolution Requesting a Legal Opinion to Provide Guidance for City Council to Address the Perceived Discrepancies in Attorney Jennifer Salvatore’s Report of Confidential Investigation of December 7, 2021
  2. Resolution to Provide a Report on the Sixty-Eight Parcel of Land in the Proposed TC1 Zoning District including Ownership and Valuation Information
  3. Resolution Requesting a Corrected Version of Attorney Jennifer Salvatore’s Third Independent Investigative Memo
Ann Arbor officials, Homeland Solar and the Community Action Network celebrate the installation of a new solar power system at the Northside Community Center off Pontiac Trail on Sept. 18, 2020. Click here to read more.

Kathy’s Campaign Promise in 2018: Work To Improve Sustainability

Among Kathy’s Legislative Results: Resolution Requesting the Completion of a Feasibility Study Regarding Creation of a Traditional Municipal Electric Utility and an Evaluation of Other Energy Pathways to Achieve the City’s Clean Energy Goals, Along with Initiation of Next Steps to Advance a Local Municipal Sustainable Energy Utility (SEU)

Kathy’s Campaign Promise in 2018: Partner With Local Stakeholders to Diversify Housing Solutions

Among Kathy’s Legislative Results: Resolution to Begin Discussions with University of Michigan (U-M) for Workforce Housing on U-M’s North Campus and Agreement on Additional Student and Employee Residential Units Commensurable with U-M’s Growth